Zur Person: Ärztin
Aufgabenbereiche: PR, Finanzen
Mail: corinna.schindler@sommerakademie-witten.de

About the person: Doctor

Areas of responsibility: PR, Finance

Zur Person: Medizinstudentin der Uni Leipzig
Aufgabenbereiche: PR, Dozierende
Mail: franziska.schwachheim@sommerakademie-witten.de

About the person: Medical student at the University of Leipzig

 Areas of responsibility: PR, Lecturers

I was so happy to find the Summerakademie as a place where there was a swarm of like-minded dissenters and eager idea-seekers! I was so enthusiastic and inspired that I wanted to contribute something to this room myself. And it's simply wonderful to be accompanied by the Academy's vibes all year round!

Zur Person: Physics student at T.U. Berlin
Aufgabenbereiche: Finances, PR
Mail: pablo.cienfuegos@sommerakademie-witten.de

About the person: Physics student at T.U. Berlin

Areas of responsibility: Finances, PR

The Sommerakademieentered my life unexpectedly and enriched me not only with many encounters, but also with a great deal of self-awareness. In my sense, the Sommerakademie für integrative Medizin is a place of discovery, maturing and understanding.

 Through the organisation, the attitude towards life of the Sommerakademie and the extraordinary continuous reflection remain companions of my daily life. Our common friendships are an enrichment to make the colourful world of medicine and humanity experienceable together.

 The work in the organisation team teaches us how to work together sensitively and yet efficiently. And what could be better than to grasp through activity!

Zur Person: Medizinstudentin der LMU München
Aufgabenbereiche: Dozierende, Teilnehmende
Mail: annika.heinrichs@sommerakademie-witten.de

 About the person: Medical student of the LMU Munich

Areas of responsibility: Lecturers, Participants

Zur Person: Psychologiestudentin der Uni Mannheim
Aufgabenbereiche: PR, Finanzen
Mail: miriam.gemander@sommerakademie-witten.de

About the person: Psychology student of the University of Mannheim

Areas of responsibility: PR, Finances

Zur Person: B.Sc. Landwirtschaft, Student der interkulturellen Wirtschaftspsychologie der HS Hamm-Lippstadt
Aufgabenbereiche: Finanzen, Dozierende
Mail: yannick.helmig@sommerakademie-witten.de

About the person: B.Sc. Agriculture, student of intercultural business psychology at the HS Hamm-Lippstadt

Areas of responsibility: Finances, Lecturers 

Last year, the Summer Academy was an important source of inspiration for me. I see the opportunity to actively and proactively shape the Academy 2019 as a great training ground.

Zur Person: Osteopathiestudentin (M.Sc.) der OSD Berlin
Aufgabenbereiche: Teilnehmende, Dozierende
Mail: juliette.bersou@sommerakademie-witten.de

About the person: Osteopathy student (M.Sc.) of OSD Berlin

Areas of responsibility: Participants, Lecturers

Zur Person: Logopädin und Psychologiestudentin der OVGU Magdeburg
Aufgabenbereiche: PR, Dozierende
Mail: ruth.becker@sommerakademie-witten.de

 About the person: Speech therapist and psychology student of the OVGU Magdeburg

Areas of responsibility: PR, Lecturers

The Summer Academy is a very hopeful place for me: Here I meet people who want to work and live integratively and are aware of their active role. I am in the organisation team of the Summer Academy because I want to carry on the project and want to help shape the framing.

Zur Person: Psychologiestudentin der Uni Witten/Herdecke
Aufgabenbereiche: Facilities, PR
Mail: nele.kost@sommerakademie-witten.de

About the person: Psychology student at the University of Witten/Herdecke

Areas of responsibility: Facilities, PR

For me, the Summer Academy is a place where people meet who create an incredibly powerful and human community in their search for loving connection, inspiration and the pursuit of their own visions and ideals. I perceived the last Summer Academy as a space for questions, positive challenges, answers and learning and I am happy to be able to carry this forward.

Zur Person: Rettungssanitäter und Medizinstudent der Uni Witten/Herdecke
Aufgabenbereiche: Facilities, Dozierende
Mail: malte.braun@sommerakademie-witten.de

About the person: Paramedic and medical student at the University of Witten/Herdecke

Areas of responsibility: Facilities, Lecturers

The Summer Academy in 2018 was one of the most influential events I was allowed to attend. As a fresh medical student, I was very pleased to be given a space outside of conventional medicine that provides deep insights into healing alternative and complementary methods. The Summer Academy is so diverse and intensive that within a week it was able to give me an extended understanding of people, which is not least due to the many good encounters.

I quickly thought about organizing the next summer academy, Pablo shared this thought with me and thus removed my last doubts. I felt very comfortable in this environment and would now like to contribute to making our visions come true. I see the Summer Academy for Integrative Medicine as one of the most important medical events and am happy to be a part of it again this year.

Zur Person: Osteopathiestudentin (M.Sc.) der OSD Berlin
Aufgabenbereiche: Dozierende, Teilnehmende
Mail: regina.backes@sommerakademie-witten.de

About the person: Osteopathy student (M.Sc.) of OSD Berlin

Areas of responsibility: Lecturers, Participants

"Who dares to stand in the way of thunderous trains? The little flowers between the railway sleepers!“ -Erich Kästner

Sommerakademie is one of those little flowers for me. Grown from visionary seeds and the interplay of "inside and outside" it is time to encounter reality. Integrating this process into my life through the organization of the upcoming Summer Academy is a gift!

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